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Crime Scene Tape
Crime Scene Cleaning

Porthcawl Cleaning Services is a trauma clean up specialist. Our trauma clean up services are offered throughout Porthcawl, Bridgend and surround areas by our qualified and registered professionals.

Porthcawl Cleaning Services provide a professional emergency crime scene and trauma cleaning solution that is discreet and respectful when operating in distressing situations. Our qualified cleaning specialists are available 24/7 to provide a fast service during these emergencies.

Crime scenes are governed by strict legislation, especially surrounding the cleaning of crime and trauma scenes which are magnified due to potential hazardous fluids that are present and the high risk to human health.

Decomposition of the human body can carry many hazardous infections and diseases which require safe procedures and waste disposal techniques to reduce the risk of public exposure. Our highly trained and professional team are equipped with the knowledge to complete this effectively.

Under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002, employers have a legal duty to protect the health and safety of employees and all other individuals that may be on the premises. With this law, it is vital that you choose a crime scene and trauma clean up company with the correct qualifications.

Police Car Lights
Prison Cell Cleaning & Police Car Valets

The confined nature of prison cells and communal areas such as the toilets and showers make them prone to the spread of Covid-19. Rapid decontamination and disinfection through police cell cleaning is extremely important in preventing a spread of disease or infection occurring.

Our police car valet and vehicle decontamination service provides a complete cleansing solution to contaminated environments. We offer a thorough clean of service vehicles, such as police cars, prisoner transport vehicles, riot police vehicles or vehicles that have been the scene of a crime.

Sanitary Bin Collection

Providing for people’s basic human needs is not just about meeting your legal duty of care. It is about reassuring your staff and visitors that their needs come first.

Poorly managed sanitary bins make a bad first impression and do little to encourage confidence or loyalty towards your business. At Porthcawl Cleaning Services we work with you to make the basics better. You set the service schedule, and we’ll get on with the job of delivering hygienically clean sanitary bins with every visit.

Sharps Removal

Sharps is simply another word for needles, syringes, or blades. Sharps pose a severe infection risk if they puncture human skin as wounds allow highly infectious diseases such as HIV or Hepatitis B to be transmitted to an individual.

If you find a syringe, needle, or blade in or around a property or land then you should report it immediately to the management team. They will then contact Porthcawl Cleaning Services to arrange a safe collection and disposal of the item. Please do not attempt to dispose of these items yourself, especially in household waste as it is extremely dangerous to people and animals. We can also supply companies with sharp boxes and set up a monthly pick up and refresh service. Spill kits are also available for pubs, shops, and schools.


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